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As a holistic movement coach who takes a comprehensive approach to fitness and wellness, focusing on the interconnections of the body and mind. I understand that movement is not just about physical exercise, but also encompassing mental and emotional health. My goal is to help individuals achieve optimal health and vitality by addressing all aspects of their well-being. Planning personalised sessions to ensure you are not only getting results but also enjoying your fitness journey will help you reach your goals sooner! 

As a holistic movement coach, I use a variety of techniques from my tool box such as, strength training, functional movement patterns, movement patterns that are essential for moving well in life, lymphatic and vagus work to help with inner health. I work with clients to create personalised programs that address your unique needs and goals. I also provide guidance on sleep, provide information to help with cell health, stress management, and other lifestyle factors that impact overall health.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance your fitness and wellness, a holistic movement coach may be a great option for you. They can help you to develop a deeper understanding of your body and mind, and create a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.


I was quite nervous about joining a group session but this is honestly the best thing I have done for myself, Tarsh has been very accommodating with my shoulder injury and I have never felt more comfortable and gaining more confidence as the weeks go by. The small group classes are amazing!


Shout out post to an amazing wāhine in my life that helps me get it done. As a full time working Mum of 3, with a shift working Husband, life is a constant juggling act to fit it all in. As a working Mum you feel the guilt of missing stuff in your kids life. At work you feel the pressure to be present and try not to miss stuff. So I often run around like a crazy lady trying to keep everyone else happy. But when and how do I get me time. Exercise has always been that for…


Once I was proud of my fitness Climbed many mountains with my pack Enjoying nature and crisp clean air And then my health got out of whack An injured foot and shoulder too A heart that needed care Before I found my drive again I’d licked my wounds for over a year Now Shell is quite persistent Encouraging me to have a go Tarsh is really nice she said She won’t care if you’re slow I knew it would be challenging My youthful ease had fled the coup But I also wasn’t ready for Netflix days On the couch with…